Feedback is solicited on Model DPR Templates


Background :

You are aware that any applicant making application for NHB scheme to claim subsidy has to enclose Detail Project Report (DPR).

It is seen that most of the DPRs are prepared by Consultants. Further it appears the applicant has no knowledge about the contents of the DPR. Many a time, persons preparing DPRs may not be having requisite expertise about the crop. The result is visible in poor project preparation at various stages. This explains why a good number of projects are being rejected at State Level Committee (SLC), Intrenal Committee (IC) and Project Approval Committee (PAC) level. It is also brought to our notice that there are a number of cases where projects have failed solely for the reason of poor knowledge of crop husbandry by the applicant / entrepreneur. There are also cases where projects are rejected for the reason of very poor appraisal of projects by the Banks. In all these instances the victim is applicant/ entrepreneur. Thus one of the major reasons for the current scenario is that there is no prescribed model format for the DPR.

It is in this context that PAC of NHB decided to prepare Detail Project Report model templates with the help of ICAR , CSIR and State Agriculture institutions and be hosted in NHB website for the information of all the applicants to submit the DPRs as per the prescribed crop specific model template / format.

Objectives of the Model Template Crop Specific DPR / Component DPR

1. To bring in clarity among the applicants about specific requirements of NHB for undertaking the NHB projects.

2. To empower the entrepreneurs to know about Agro-climatic suitability of the project in case of crops, Market viability, Financial viability, scientific package of practices, technology and to evaluate project him/herself.

3. To build collaboration between entrepreneurs and research institutions.

4. To promote technology of National and State R&D institutions in all NHB projects to enhance productivity, reduce cost of production, minimise post-harvest losses and most importantly to make enhanced net profits and contribute to doubling for net farm incomes.

5. To assure and ensure that only feasible and viable projects are received by NHB and there are zero rejections.

6. To maximise value for NHB subsidy.

Modus operandi followed in preparing Model DPR Templates

1. NHB officials along with IARI faculty from Vegetables, Fruits, Floriculture and PHT Departments have brainstormed and prepared a first draft. Further the draft has been brainstormed with different stakeholders and then was discussed in IC and PAC meetings. Thus is the current generic DPR model template.

2. The generic Model Template has been circulated to all ICAR Institutions and also to CSIR Institutions in specific cases and were requested to customise the generic DPR into Crop specific DPR Templates. Thus NHB expresses its gratitude to all the ICAR and CSIR Institutions for their valuable contribution. Institutions which contributed in preparing Crop specific Model DPR Templates are given in the link.

3. It is ingrained and understood that the basic data of the project/ crop and ICAR recommended scientific package of practices will be inbuilt in the DPR so that applicant need not provide, search and look for it. However applicant will have freedom to choose recommendations of local SAU/SHU or any other bonafide research recommendations by providing evidence or weblink.

Request for Feedback

In view of the above, suggestions for improvement are invited from general public / individuals/ entrepreneurs / associations/ industry etc. having interest in the promotion / development/ taking up of commercial horticulture projects under National Horticulture Board Schemes No.1 (Development of commercial horticulture through production and post-harvest management) and 2 (Capital investment subsidy scheme for the construction / expansion/modernisation of Cold Storages / storage of horticultural produce) on proposed Model Detailed Project Reports (DPRs) Templates as given below. Suggestions may please be given at email-ID : and before 26th November 2018.

With gratitude.

Managing Director
National Horticulture Board

Scheme 1 :

Development of Commercial Horticulture through Production and Post-Harvest Management of Horticulture Produce

Scheme 2 :

Capital Investment Subsidy Scheme for construction/ expansion/ modernization of Cold Storage and Storages for Horticulture Produce