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India has made a fairly good progress on the Horticulture Map of the world with a total annual production of the Horticulture Crops touchng over 149 Million tonnes. India has been bestowed with wide rangre of climate and physio-geographical conditions and as such is most suitable for growing various kinds of Horticultural crops such as fruits, vegetables, flowers, nuts, spices and plantation crops (coconut, cashewnut and cocoa).

With the focussed attention given to horticulture, there has been spectacular change in terms of adoption of new technologies, production and availability of horticulture product. India, today is the second largest producer of the Fruits (45.5 Million tonnes) and vegetables (90.8 Million tonnes) in the world, contributing 10.23% and 14.45% of the total world production of fruits and vegetables respectively. The availability of flowers has increased significantly in all major cities in the country. India has a good opportunity of growing of medicinal and aromatic plants. It is the largest producer, consumer and exporter of spices. It ranks first in the total production of coconut and arecanut and is the largest producer, processor, consumer and exporter of cashewnut in the world. There have been situations of gluts due to high production of several important horticulture crops in the country. Thus, India is at the brick of a Golden Revelution in Horticulture.


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