NHB Interactive: Technology Development & Transfer Scheme
Scheme Details and Pattern of Assistance
Technology Development and Transfer for promotion of Horticulture


[i].  Introduction of New Technology.

[ii].  Visit of progressive farmers.

[iii].  Promotional and Extension Activities.

[iv].  Expert Services from India/Abroad.

[v].  Technology Awareness.

[vi].  Organisation/participation in seminars/symposia/exhibitions.

[vii].  Udyan Pandit.

[viii].  Publicity and Films.

[ix].  Awareness of technology up gradation and markets.

[x].  Honorarium to Scientists for effective transfer of technology.

[xi].  Accreditation and Rating of Horticulture Nurseries.

[xii].  Mother Plant Nurseries for high pedigree planting material for fruit crops.

[xiii].  Assistance for common facilities in Horticulture Parks/ Agri Export Zones etc.

For Description of components and Pattern of Assistance
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